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How it Works

Ohio ACE + Merit

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The Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings Account program provides funds to a student’s parent or guardian to use on various enrichment and educational activities. The program is being offered through a contract between Merit International, Inc. and the Ohio Department of Education.

Here's how it works for parents, guardians, students, and service providers.

Step 1

Parents and guardians can apply through the Ohio Department of Education for a $1,000 educational savings account to be used to pay for goods (Homeschool only) or services that provide their student with an academic opportunity to make up for a learning loss that occurred due to Covid-19. Must meet eligibility requirements based on residency, income, or government social program participation.

Please note that the ACE application will close indefinitely beginning September 5, 2023 at 4:59 p.m. to process applications as the program nears full subscription. Applications will continue to be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Families whose applications are in Corrections Needed status are encouraged to resubmit applications as soon as possible to determine eligibility before all ACE awards have been exhausted. Should additional slots become available, the ACE application will re-open to receive more applications.

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Step 2

Qualifying parents and guardians will receive an email from Merit International, Inc. notifying them of their award, and inviting them to accept their digital access credential, or “merit.” This credential will be used as the login for the Ohio ACE app.
Password Key

Step 3

Organizations offering approved programs or services can apply to become a Qualified Educational Service Provider. Once verified by Merit, the organization will be listed in the Ohio ACE Education Marketplace.
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Step 4

Parents and guardians can browse the Ohio ACE Education Marketplace to see relevant service providers by category, grade, and location. These organizations have been verified as offering approved programs and services.
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Step 5

Parents and guardians use Merit’s Ohio ACE app on the web, or for Android or iOS to submit claims* and check the balance of their educational savings accounts.
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Step 6

Parents will receive an email notifying them when a claim has been approved or rejected. 
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Step 7

Once a claim is approved, payment will be made either to the parent/guardian or the Qualified Educational Service Provider, depending on what payor the parent/guardian selects during the submission of the claim. Claims submitted through the app may take 6-8 weeks for payment to be issued.
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Step 8

The student’s educational savings account balance will reflect the reimbursement.
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* Please note: All claims must include a valid, educational reason for the service/good purchased and the service or activity must have started on/after the beginning of the Ohio ACE program.