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This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (513) 596-3375


Address: Randall Street, Liberty Township, Ohio 45011

Educational Value

*Homeschool Services: (One-to-one and/or small group instruction) phonics, reading, writing, & math skills support are provided through tele-learning games, activities, direct & guided instruction, assignments, & tests using the Zoom Learning Platform. Educational assessments are also provided using the Zoom Platform. *Study Skill Services: (Virtual/TeleLearner) support services. Students participate in (one-to-one and/or small group) instructional & practice activities involving study & test taking strategies in academic learning areas of need. Students participate in a survey analysis of their current study & test taking habits & skills. *Tutoring Services: (Virtual/TeleLearner) support services. Students complete a series of educational assessments, surveys & interviews to obtain a clearer picture of how the students learn & their educational interests/needs. Services are provided in a (one-to-one or small group) ratio. Students receive (30-75) minutes in an intervention session engaged in multisensory games, activities, assignments, & tests in the academic areas of need with consistent progress monitoring.