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Camp Pardes LLC


This service provider requires payment upfront : Yes

Phone Number: (845) 371-0381


Address: 3818 Shannon Rd, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

Service Provider: 200029

Educational Value

First of all, we begin each day with study groups, where boys keep up with reading and studying in the summer (when they are on break from school). In addition, we also focus on language learning, where they have extra classes studying the Hebrew language. Secondly, around once a week we go on a field trip. (Not necessarily to official historical landmarks or museums, rather) nature, swimming and exercise are incorporated to the field trips. Also, through sports and other team oriented activities, the boys learn the value of teamwork, practice, learning new skills, and manners/sportsmanship, playing on teams with and against their friends. We don't have uniforms or play against other teams, camps, or organizations. We divide the boys evenly into teams so that they can grow and improve with their counselor/coach. We serve hot lunches and snacks every day. During the school year, when possible, we organize extra-curricular after school sports so that the boys can have a similar program during the fall and winter. From our website: "Camp Pardes is Cleveland's #1 Jewish Boys Sports Camp! For eight jam-packed weeks, our campers live summer the Pardes way! Fun, experienced Rebbeim lead Davening and Learning Groups to start the day. Boys in all sports levels gain skills and confidence in sports leagues and clinics, with sportsmanship and middos being the biggest focus. We have memorable trips and special activities throughout the summer. Facilities include air conditioned campus, multiple baseball/sports fields and volleyball courts. Of course, the safety and structure provided by our most outstanding staff is of the utmost importance! Visit for more info