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Childcare Ventures LLC

Before/After school programs
Field Trips

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (419) 944-6188


Address: 3542 Glendale Ave, Toledo, Ohio 43614

Educational Value

The program has written goals which provide a balance to the academic emphasis of the regular school day. School-age care programs pay primary attention to the development of social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and recreational skills. Curriculum for school age children must be based on the following developmental goals. 1. Personal Discipline. Acquiring capacity for industry, production, and completion of tasks. Developing responsibility for one’s own actions, setting limits, respecting rights and property of others, forming friendships, and using community resources responsibly. 2. Social Development and Psychological Health. Forming friendships, mastering a variety of human interactions such as comparing self with peers and being an interactor in social situations, not just an observer. 3. Physical Skills. Developing a sense of confidence in dealing with the physical environment through games, hobbies and exercise; learning to be content with personal abilities through competition. 4. Health and Safety Skills. Developing a wide variety of independent living skills such as self-protection, violence prevention and safety, nutrition, and respect for developing a healthy lifestyle. B. Program Content: Curriculum and environment offered the school age child is meet the widest possible range of personal and cultural interests and development levels. Personal choice and selfinitiated learning experiences are to be encouraged and supported in all curriculum planning. The program should offer, but not necessarily be limited to, the following list of recommended activities, activity centers and projects: 1. Creative construction 2. Group and individual reading of literature and writing 3. Building and miniature imaginative play 4. Fine arts 5. Individual hideaway 6. Puzzle and table games 7. Science, math and exploration 8. Dramatic play 9. Health, safety, and care of self 10. Active outdoor and indoor activities 11. Clubs, scouting, group sports, lessons, special activities, service to others 12. Field trips, walks and park activities 10 A school-age care program provides for cooperation with the K-8 system and other public and nonprofit entities in the planning of activities. Activities and program materials reflect heterogeneous racial, gender, and cultural attributes.