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Academic Support Services

Before/After school programs
Learning extension centers
Field Trips

This service provider requires payment upfront : Yes

Phone Number: (614) 809-0487


Address: 2958 Blossom Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43231

Educational Value

Academic Support Services specializes in reaching and engaging at- risk students and reluctant learners. Our tutors meet the needs of learners by targeting instruction at the correct level of difficulty, We provide services in small groups and individual sessions for learners who are easily distracted and have been disengaged in the regular classroom. Our small groups and one-to-one lessons for students have helped districts meet their goals. Students are willing to engage when they feel comfortable with their tutor. We provide a platform that allows students to meet and learn in fun and engaging classrooms online and offline. We also provide services after school, on site or at libraries and community centers. We have provided services in-home and at church, and at libraries. Our focus this summer will be at community centers near students place of residence. Collectively our lead staffing team has over 40 years of experience providing high-quality educational services for students, families, and the community. We have served vulnerable at-risk diverse populations faced with adversity through assessing current needs and matching services to those needs.