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Sylvan Learning of Twinsburg - 1481 Twinsburg

Before/After school programs
Learning extension centers
Study Skills

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (330) 487-5820


Address: 8900 Darrow Rd H106, Twinsburg, Ohio 44087

Educational Value

ylvan Learning of Twinsburg operates in Region 9. As an established Educational Service Provider in the area, Sylvan has highly qualified teachers available to support students in courses, programs, or camps to meet their educational needs that qualify for funding under the Ohio Revised Code Section 3310.70. Sylvan’s programs are taught in small groups or 1:1 setting based on the individual needs of each student. Sylvan utilizes the Star Renaissance to assess students' reading and math competencies to identify the educational needs of the student, make informed decisions about instructional placement and plans, and evaluate student progress. The Star assessment is a timed, adaptive test of multiple choice questions. Each student’s scaled score is used to place students in learning levels appropriate for their abilities. The Sylvan team works closely with each family to establish a program schedule that best meets their needs. All programming is provided at Sylvan. Sylvan’s curriculum and delivery is aligned with current and research-based strategies for reading, writing, math, college readiness, and homework help. All curriculum is designed with scaffolding for each skill and uses spiral delivery, giving each student support using repetition to introduce, practice, and retain skills. SylvanSync is Sylvan’s proprietary learning management system that delivers adaptive instruction and enables students to move through the curriculum at his or her own pace. Students are placed into the reading, writing, or math programs based on test scores, then the learning path adapts to the student’s needs based on their performance on individual activities. SylvanSync delivers prerequisite skill practice when students need additional foundational skills and moves forward in the curriculum if students need a more rigorous plan. SylvanSync is delivered in a 4:1 student/teacher ratio, allowing for effective time between the teacher and each student. SylvanSync collects student performance data at each lesson, which determines what students will learn next. Ace it! is Sylvan’s small-group program for students who need basic review of foundational skills in language arts and math. Like SylvanSync, the curriculum is spiral and uses scaffolding within each lesson. Skill instruction is offered in multiple modalities to accommodate individual student support and can be adapted as needed. Students are taught in a 6:1/8:1 ratio. Students are tested, and the data is used to track academic growth. SAT and ACT Prep courses offer 30+ hours of instruction designed to bolster content-area skills and master test-taking strategies to maximize their test scores. Online support also offered. Sylvan’s College Readiness program includes two types of writing support: college-level essay writing and assistance writing the college application essay. In addition, Sylvan Learning will provide tutoring services including, but not limited to Study Skills, Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. All tutoring services will address deficiencies in understanding content concepts and skills while making connections to students’ core base of knowledge and help facilitate the completion of grade level coursework. STEM camps are delivered in a participatory format where students work in collaborative groups with others at their age and skill level, challenging and learning from each other.