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Homework Cafe


This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (937) 369-0464


Address: 8361 N Main Street, DAYTON, Ohio 45415

Educational Value

A needs assessment is completed through a consultation with the parent and student. Once the need is identified, we conduct a reading, math and/or writing diagnostic assessment. The results along with questions obtained through the initial consultation will determine a starting point for instruction, remediation, and/or review of skills. Formative assessments are given after each skill is taught and practiced to determine mastery or need for continued practice. At Homework Cafe, we meet each student where they are in their learning journey. In some classrooms, homework may not be a requirement, therefore, ongoing practice of skills is left up to the individual student. Homework Cafe serves as a guide for students as they seek to close any gaps in their learning.