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Browse education service providers who have been approved to receive funds from Ohio ACE educational savings accounts.


The federal funds used to operate this project are scheduled to expire later this year. As a result, all ACE funds must be used for allowable activities no later than July 1, 2024. (Dates of service must occur before July 1, 2024.)*

All claims requesting payment or reimbursement must be submitted to Merit for processing no later than July 15, 2024. Any funds that are not expended by July 1, 2024 will no longer be available. Claims submitted after July 15, 2024 will not be approved.

*Clarification for service dates/close down for camps: Claims for day camps that have been paid for by parents may be reimbursed if the service date occurs through September 1, 2024. The claim is only reimbursable for day camps during this time period if the parent has paid up front and prior to July 1, 2024.

Boyd Landis

Instrument lessons

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Price Range: $30 - $50

Phone Number: (614) 579-0251


Address: 2200 Ridgecliff Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221

Service Provider: 201507

Educational Value

Studio Policies - Lesson Rates - Private Lessons - $25 Half Hour Lesson, $40 Hour Lesson - Group Lessons - 2 or More People, $25 An Hour - Payment - Private and Group Lesson fees may be paid months by either cash, check, or Venmo. - Cancellation Policy - Client Needs to give a 24-hour notice before a missed lesson. In the event of an emergency, (if a student wakes up sick or there is a family emergency) notify me as soon as possible. If you fail to give notification of absence you will still be charged for the lesson. - If notification is given, I will attempt to make up the lesson. If I am unable to make up the lesson, I will issue a credit to your account. - Group Lessons cannot be made up and students in group lessons will forfeit their lesson fee in the event of missed lessons. - Required Materials - All students are expected to come to lessons with at least these materials. - Drum Pad - Concert Snare Drum sticks - Marimba Mallets - Stick Bag - Spiral Notebook - Pencil - Metronome (an app is ok - Assigned Lesson material - Other materials may be expected depending on the student, but this is what is to be expected unless communicated otherwise. - Practice Expectations - Students are expected to practice outside of their private lesson each week. Practice expectations are: - Elementary - 15-20 minutes 5 days a week - Middle - 20-30 minutes 5 days a week - High - 30-60 minutes 5 days a week - Inclement Weather Policy - In the event of school closure due to inclement weather, lessons will be conducted via Zoom. I will contact students on the morning of their regularly scheduled lesson to schedule a lesson time.