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Before/After school programs

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (216) 860-2039


Address: 12913 Bennington, CLEVELAND, Ohio 44135

Service Provider: 201555

Educational Value

The R.O.A.D program is an academically inclined dance program started in Cleveland, Ohio, to encourage students to use physical dance movements as vehicles for self-expression. His module is designed to plant seeds of expression, strong principles and morals into the student, that allows them to express their feelings effectively. Also, students will not only have the skills and confidence to dance when opportunities arise but will learn how to use their dance skills rather to be used by them. Through creative expressions, ROAD teaches children with ADHD and some traits of autism, to express their feelings through the movement of dance. R.O.A.D prepares students to become leaders in the field of not only dance education, but to academically advance in their local community in a variety of capacities and settings.