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2 Tone Boxing Club

Curriculum and material (*homeschool only)

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (216) 600-0688


Address: 23645 Mercantile Road Suite D, Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Service Provider: 201742

Educational Value

Our Youth Boxing Academy is very extensive and nuanced. We have group classes everyday of the year for kids ages 4+. Our program separates kids by age and skill level. Bambino classes for kids ages 4-6 teaches basic fundamental boxing skills, coordination, and develops their abilities and focus and take direction. Those kids can graduate into more advanced classes and be with the older kids when they earn it. Kids who are 7+ years of age will start in Level 1 which incorporates basic boxing punch combinations, footwork, and defense skills needed to develop the muscle memory necessary to handle more advanced concepts. They must test into each subsequent level (there are 6 of them), and earn their way into more advanced classes while earning more equipment along the way (such as boxing gloves, headgear, boxing shoes, cup, sparring gloves etc.). Each level has its own set of expectations (attached below). Eventually they can complete in USA Boxing if they choose. During each level test they must demonstrate their skills in front of a large group. This allows them to feel the pressure of performing and push past their fears which builds confidence and spills over into other areas of life. In our Summer Camp, kids will have 15 hours per week of instruction. They will learn fundamental boxing skills as they do in our Youth Boxing Academy but will also experience our Leadership Seminars, Character Development, Team Building, and of course lots of fun activities mixed in. Kids in camp must complete daily journals and check off that they made their beds, brushed their teeth, did their chores/homework/reading, and say please and thank you (sample attached). They are also provided with a nutrition plan and at home workout plan to follow. In both programs kids are provided with an extensive Boxing Fundamentals Video Portal illustrating basic and advanced boxing punch combinations, footwork, defensive maneuvers, at home workouts, and more. In order to access that portal and see what it includes that you can go to: It is normally $39/mo. but use the code 2FAMILY and it is FREE.