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Phone Number: (216) 983-9444


Address: 4806 Hamilton Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Educational Value

Motogo meets students where they are, and introduces basic hand-tool skills through motorcycle building and engine comprehension and maintenance. Skills like metric and standard measurement mirror curriculum happening in STEM classrooms. Understanding combustion and gapping spark plugs will provide skills diversifying student resumes, opening an entirely new avenue of career opportunities, whatever field that might be. Students learn leadership and stick-to-itiveness though hands-on problem solving in a non-traditional setting. Motogo brings shop class to students in 3 different formats. 1) V8 Model Engine Build 2) Engine Disassembly and Reassembly 3) Full Motorcycle Disassembly and Reassembly Some program partners choose to use Motogo as an Introduction to Mechanical Engineering class which can accompany an elective credit. A metric and standard measurement, combustion comprehension, and tool identification/usage pre-test and post test are given to assess growth in addition to a grit & resiliency assessment. Additional video evidence is collected from students in the semester intensive program document their motorcycle build in daily video blogs sharing their “best failures” each class. Motorcycle and Engine build courses end with a “Kickstart Day” where students get to learn to kickstart the same vintage Honda CB 350 motorcycle they worked on.