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Remind Tutoring


This service provider requires payment upfront : Yes

Phone Number: (415) 363-0372


Address: Virtual, , California 94583

Service Provider: 201762

Educational Value

Remind was founded in 2011 on the belief that relationships drive success in education, and we’ve built a platform that supports learning wherever it happens. Today, the Remind platform is home to one of the most extensive free services in education—a school communication software solution that supports nearly 25 million users. In addition to our communication software, Remind offers our Tutoring for Schools and Districts (TSD) product, which provides online, 1:1, high-impact math and ELA tutoring and small-group intervention (up to 3:1) through our platform year-round for grades 1-12, before, during and after-school. We focus on accelerating student progress while building synergistic relationships with students, families, teachers, and administrators through our integrated communication hub and tutoring ecosystem, thereby driving student success. Tutoring on Remind is delivered on the same platform that millions of students and teachers already use for daily communication. Since families are already used to messaging with their teachers on Remind, messaging with a tutor is a breeze, and live video sessions are accessed from right in the message thread. Sessions take place in our native videoconferencing system, with integrated shared whiteboard activities. Further, live messaging before and after the session in over 100 auto-translated languages between the tutor, student, administrator, and family helps facilitate shared progress, ensures attendance, and builds trust. Remind is the work home to 112 employees, and we have a pool of 2000 tutors, and growing, who are certified US teachers or retired teachers. Over 67,000 students have completed tutoring sessions with Remind! Students and parents rewarded Remind with average session ratings of 4.91 out of 5 and average tutor ratings of 4.87 out of 5! We attribute the high ratings to our tutor selection and onboarding process. We are educated in high dosage tutoring (HDT) and focus on delivering programs aligned with evidence-based practices. With one month of advance notice for a start date, Remind can quickly scale to support the additional enrollment of students. Our minimum service load is typically 100 students per school, but we can customize it based on final enrollment numbers, with the ability to provide District-wide support throughout the State of Kansas. Collaboration between tutors and teachers is encouraged so that content corresponding with current classroom content can be supported by the tutor and thus more easily incorporated in tutoring sessions. Tutors will align content with state standards to ensure all areas of grade- or subject matter competency are being addressed. To further support tutors, Remind has content area resources that are available to all tutors, including grade- and subject-level content based on state standards. Remind tutors may use the school’s curriculum to guide instruction, ensuring that material is aligned to standards and core classwork. All instruction is provided for skills gaps identified during the preassessment phase to ensure that tutors focus on addressing missed concepts and skills most critical to accessing upcoming content in the classroom. At the end of a student’s tutoring program, Remind tutors administer an assessment to measure academic growth.