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Remind101, Inc.


This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: 14156061860


Address: 12935 Alcosta Blvd Unit 1077, San Ramon, California 94583

Educational Value

Research shows that individual or small-group tutoring that builds on past interactions and meets multiple times each week (a.k.a. high-dosage) is the most effective way for students to catch-up with their peers and meet academic benchmarks. Remind tutoring is built on this research. 1. We match each student with a dedicated tutor for regular, one-on-one virtual sessions. Tutors are certified teachers or retired teachers who are tested, onboarded and supported throughout their journey at Remind. Tutoring is aligned with 1st to 12th grade content. Tutors work with students on what they’re doing in their classroom and on any prerequisite skills needed. We aim to have each student work with the same tutor on a recurring basis, ensuring a continuity of care. 2. Students access Remind tutoring virtually on any PC, Mac, or tablet device. For each session students will receive a link to join a video call and interactive whiteboard. Students meet with their tutor on camera and problem-solve on screen. We recommend using two devices: a computer for the video call and a large touchscreen device for the interactive whiteboard. Before each 40- or 60-minute session students are sent session reminders via email and in the Remind app. Students use Remind to chat with their tutor and send them homework, goals or notes so the tutor can understand where help is needed. After each session upon request the tutor will send the student (and any caregiver involved) a personal session summary in Remind Chat with strengths and growth areas, tips for review, and additional resources. This personal follow up helps our online tutoring work better by keeping caregivers informed and involved. 3. Remind gives students the help they need: Integrating our tutors into the student's existing support network and aligning instruction with their school’s curriculum. Tailoring instruction based on a combination of teacher input, student feedback and performance, and state standards while helping students develop critical learning skills needed for long-term success Providing flexibility - can accommodate a student’s busy schedule. Our tutoring can be provided year-round, seven days-a-week, with daytime and evening hours available.