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Dr. Nega's Educational Center

Before/After school programs
Language classes

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (614) 264-1564


Address: 760 S Yearling RD, Whitehall, Ohio 43213

Educational Value

We provide all our services at the Center unless we are asked to give short trainings. We have Tutoring Flow Diagram which we follow when the students reach our Center. We help our students with homework before we start anything else. If the students have no homework, they will be asked to read a book, if they are first grade and above. Younger kids will sit with a tutor and read from site, based on their reading level. The older kids will be asked to write a book report which will contain the title of the book, author of the book, illustrator of the book, characters, and a five-sentence paragraph. After reading, the children will be asked to do two math skills digitally at or on worksheets ( site) or booklets that the Center has produced based Common Core Standards. After math, students will be asked to language arts either at or on worksheets. No two kids will do the same exercise since each student is asked to do based on their level. Depending on the availability of time, students might be allowed to practice public speaking skills or coloring or special skill development like video editing.