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Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America

Before/After school programs

This service provider requires payment upfront : Yes

Phone Number: (330) 773-0415


Address: 4500 Hudson Dr, Stow, Ohio 44224

Service Provider: 201833

Educational Value

Scouting’s Major Programs include: Cub Scouts: Boys and Girls (Kindergarten through Grade 5): The Cub Scout Advancement Plan is designed to encourage the natural interests and curiosity of youth. Each Adventure and corresponding Award has requirements. As a child moves through the Adventures, requirements get progressively more challenging, matching a child’s growing skills and abilities. In 2021, Great Trail Council Cub Scouts earned more than 2,100 Rank Advancements. Scouts BSA: Boys and Girls (Grades 6 through Age 18): The Scout Rank Advancement Plan pursues a series of challenges and steps to travel the Rank Advancement System. Each Scout works an action plan, at their own pace, as they navigate each challenge. Scouts obtain a sense of self-confidence and achievement. Along the way Scouts also gain self-reliance and the ability to help others. Scouts also earn Merit Badges as they advance. Merit Badges are earned by completing a series of activities and requirements within an area of study (First Aid, Cooking, Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, etc.) Scouts can select from more than 135 Merit Badges; 21 Merit Badges are required to earn the Eagle Scout Rank. More than 85% of Scouts BSA merit badges include requirements that meet National Science Education Standards. Academic development is clearly leveraged through the benefits of Scouting participation. Outdoor Impact on Developing Youth: A Harvard Medical School Health Publishing Blog recognizes that outdoor experiences impact a “child’s chance of future health and success”: • Executive Function- Outdoor activities afford opportunities for children to practice important life skills with other children including planning, prioritization, troubleshooting, negotiating, and multitasking; • Exercise- Active Play is the best exercise for children; • Taking Risks – Enhance confidence and bravery in taking safe risks; • Socialization – Learning to share and cooperate in less structured settings enhances socialization; • Appreciation of Nature – Engaging nature creates appreciation for preserving our planet and its resources; • Sunshine – Vitamin D and other benefits to the immune systems, healthy sleep, and mood.