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Lee Lee's Big Adventures

Curriculum and material (*homeschool only)
Field Trips

This service provider requires payment upfront : Yes

Phone Number: (740) 607-6815


Address: 980 Eastward Circle, Zanesville, Ohio 43701

Educational Value

Whether or not you even notice that the main character of this story, a kitty cat named Lee Lee, only has three legs is not important at all. Author Steven Foreman applies his 20+ years of experience as an elementary principal toward telling the story of this real-life kitty cat. Illustrator Kristen Leigh Brown applies her zest for fun, upbeat art to introduce us to this little real-life character whose story doesn't focus on overcoming a disability: it celebrates diversity through an indifference to the obvious. There is no apology for those things that make us different. There is no "hush." If a child blurts out that Lee Lee has only three legs, stop and discuss it. The fact that it doesn't matter in the character's life or the lives of those around him is the celebration that is the basis for this silly little children's book. The opportunity to take a virtual field trip to interact in real time with the author of the Lee Lee's Big Adventures series brings literature to life. Meeting the real-life characters of Lee Lee and Finley drive home a message of resiliency & diversity. Each book is read by the author with the same message delivered in each in their various storylines. Mini-sessions for Q&A are held between readings which test comprehension of each story along with guiding student learners through the celebration of diversity. The real-life animals from the story are introduced throughout the virtual fieldtrip. A final Q&A is held at the end and is loosely structured so student learners can formulate their own questions and receive individual answers from the author himself. Each participant is provided with all three books in the series: "Toe Beans", "Tuckered Out", and "beans on the Bus". They are encouraged (or coached in some situations) to follow along. Estimated time for the virtual field trip is 45 minutes, but can last up to one hour, depending upon level of participation.