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Global Health Education and Development


This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (614) 591-3571


Address: 5900 Roche Drive Suite 342, Columbus, Ohio 43229

Service Provider: 201842

Educational Value

Global Health Education and Development aims to transform the trajectory for the young generation. Education has been the equalizer, even in the history of making. It offers the opportunity to people ordinarily would not have them. Our education programs deal with life-long learning, which enhances the life opportunities of the prospect. We strive to lift everyone and allow them to stand on their feet and become more ready to face a more demanding society. Lack of education and illiteracy rob individuals of the illumination of body and mind shutting down access to employment. It stops them from reaching their potential. Global Health Education and Development Organization will offer life-long formal and informal education programs to allow youths to thrive and create flourishing communities. The program activities include: ● After school tutoring program that focuses on emotional and academic development with special emphasis