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Schwartz Tutoring

Study Skills

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (925) 895-6032


Address: 5145 Brown Rd. Unit 862, Oxford, Ohio 45056

Service Provider: 201866

Educational Value

The Schwartz Tutoring program is focused on several principals that are supported by research for effective teaching and learning. We hire tutors who are passionate, competent, and curious about the subjects they teach. Our program hopes for education to be challenging, relatable, and rewarding for our students. Our program framework includes the following principles: 1) Clear, measurable, and obtainable educational goals. 2) Tutors who are knowledgeable about the curriculum content and effective instruction methods. 3) Clear expectations for students. 4) Expert use of educational materials and content to facilitate learning. 5) Tutors who can personalize content and cater to the individual learning needs of each student. 6) Teaching students cognitive strategies and providing opportunities for mastery. 7) Defining and assessing cognitive objectives. 8) Monitoring student performance using ongoing assessment and constructive feedback. 9) Integrating instruction with personal areas of interest and other subject areas. 10) Taking responsibility for student outcomes. We establish consistency with our teaching methods, cultivate an environment around critical thinking and professional debating, monitor and evaluate our methods, and prioritize the individual needs of each student. This experience is incredibly valuable to students as they are able to learn directly from a highly skilled undergraduate college student who explains things at a reasonable pace. Students are encouraged to ask questions throughout the sessions and prompted to explain the concepts back to the tutors in their own words so that we know they fully understand the material.