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Martha McLaughlin

Before/After school programs
Instrument lessons

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (740) 275-6588


Address: 5585 State Route213, Toronto, Ohio 43964

Service Provider: 201891

Educational Value

Piano lessons and music theory help to develop a child in a multitude of ways including fine motor skills, rhythm training, introduction to music history, ear training, and social skills. Because reading and performing keyboard music entails several interpretational paths at the same time the child is challenged on many levels. Keyboard music involves reading the notes on two different clefs corresponding to right and left hands, while also executing the proper rhythm, adding dynamics, using the proper fingering, and using the sustain pedal. In my studio we have two recitals per year. We also participate in the yearly "Young Musician Auditions with Dr. Gerald Lee from West Liberty University adjudicating.