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Corryville Catholic

Before/After school programs
Study Skills

This service provider requires payment upfront : Yes

Phone Number: (513) 281-4856


Address: 108 Calhoun Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Educational Value

It is the purpose of The Burchenal Extended Day of Leaders in Learning program at Corryville Catholic is to provide a safe and fun after school program for the children and working parents of Corryville Catholic. The Bell Program seeks to provide an educational and recreational alternative to parents for adequate after school care for their children of Corryville Catholic. Students will be able to participate in a variety of activities such as crafts, indoor play, games, clubs, and homework assistance (though, you are still required to check your child’s homework and folders, nightly). Program Objectives 1. To provide students and parents with an alternative to having a child unsupervised after school. 2. To provide a supervised school-aged childcare program for the safety and welfare of our children. 3. To foster positive attitudes toward Corryville Catholic and fellow students. 4. To enhance the children’s emotional, social, and physical growth through the use of art, games, clubs, and other recreational and educational activities. 5. To provide an opportunity for assistance with homework in various subject areas. 6. To provide an opportunity for children to catch up academically.