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GiftedApples Literacy and ELearning

Before/After school programs
Curriculum and material (*homeschool only)
Study Skills
Language classes

This service provider requires payment upfront : Yes

Phone Number: 2168203800


Address: 13125 Shaker Square 202, Cleveland, Ohio 44120

Service Provider: 201981

Educational Value

Apples Literacy and Math was created to support students with individualized learning that would not be practical for the regular or special education classroom due to the number of students teachers have to serve during each class period. Apples Literacy also supports students and the assignments they receive from their primary teacher(s) by email, of current and upcoming assignments. This support aligns with the child's preparation for quizzes and tests, and overarching Executive Function goals (behavior), to increase motivation, acquire behavior(s) conducive to the learning environment and confidence of their learning ability/achievement in their content-area classes. All of the services, supports and collaboration with our students' teachers, counselors and principles are provided with the permission of the parent(s).