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TeaSpot Learning Center

Study Skills

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (216) 920-2191


Address: 2065 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44120

Service Provider: 201985

Educational Value

At TeaSpot Tutoring, our goal is to empower children to embrace learning, to encourage them in their natural abilities, and to offer enriched experiences that will benefit lifelong academic success. We provide personalized tutoring for students grades K-12 in efforts to support various learning needs. The Center will provide parents and families with timely and meaningful information in understandable language on Ohio’s academic standards; state and local assessments; and legal requirements so that they can make informed decisions about their children’s academic future. These legal requirements include Title I, Section 1118; parent participation rights under IDEA; and gifted students under ORC 3324.04 and 3324.06. The Center will collaborate with community-based programs, including health and human service providers, to ensure that the parents and families have the resources they need to be involved in their children’s education, growth and development. The Center will coordinate and integrate parent and family involvement programs and activities into its school age virtual learning program The Center will provide bi-weekly written feedback to parents regarding their child’s progress in their virtual work. The Center will make an effort to maintain regular communication with the child’s school based teacher to keep the parent informed of work submissions, homework, upcoming tests, and standardized tests. The Center will hold quarterly conferences that closely align with the quarter dates for the student’s district of residence