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Musicologie - Anderson

Instrument lessons

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (513) 620-4923


Address: 1400 W 3rd Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43212

Service Provider: 202017

Educational Value

Musicologie provides simply delightful music lessons to all ages and abilities. Music helps us learn. It improves coordination, language, reading and math skills. It nurtures our emotional and cognitive health. Studying an instrument makes our brains bigger (it's true!) and reduces changes of hearing loss and dementia later in life. Because of all this, music lessons are one of the most important and impactful investments you can make in your child. Learn music in a place like no other. Our certified teachers offer private lessons on almost any instrument. Plus, our group programs like Rock Band™, Musicologie Junior™ and Accelerated Piano Lab™ will boost you beyond private lessons and into our fun and exciting musical community. Our Perfect Match Promise means you can be totally confident in your teacher. And, our Educational Advisory Board keeps us on the cutting edge of music education. At Musicologie, we believe music makes us human. We believe everyone deserves a great teacher. Most of all we believe you are a musician. Join us!