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Steam Cathedral

Before/After school programs

This service provider requires payment upfront : Yes

Phone Number: (614) 452-2392


Address: 600 Shoemaker Ave Unit 3, Columbus, Ohio 43201

Educational Value

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education is a nationwide initiative that creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. It builds on the STEM initiative by incorporating ART to include right-brain thinkers. The research is clear. Access to hands-on building, tinkering, and experiential learning-based curriculum increases the brain's ability to retain information, improves critical thinking and analytical skills, aids in social and emotional development, all while simultaneously building self-confidence.However, many of the tools, expertise, and time needed to utilize these types of strategies are usually unavailable in public schools, and especially so in public schools serving low-income communities. At Cathedral, we introduce STEAM concepts in a fun, interactive environment through workshops, symposiums, personal projects, and more. We target middle school and high school age youth from our local community, with an aim to include as many females and minorities as possible, thereby increasing their access to higher-paying STEAM careers and building the skills critical for their long-term success. Upcoming Steam Program: 8 Week Nascar Workshop for High School Students Week1: Introduction to Cathedral, Shop Space, Tools, Safety and Nascar | Parts of the Car, Materials Used, Weight, Mass, Speed, Acceleration, Energy, Aero-Dynamics, Friction. Week 2: Build on Week 1 and Dive into car design features that increase driver safety during high-speed collisions. Apply to real life: brakes, safety belts, bumpers. Week 3: How Can Air Make a Race Car Faster? Restrictor plates, how a heat engine works. how changing variables affect the heat engine Week 4: How Do NASCAR Race Car Tires Take the Heat? (Part 1: Physical Changes) Week 5: How Do Roof Flaps Make a Race Car Safer? Week 6: How Does Air Temperature Affect Race Car Tires? Week 7: How Does the Air in Tires Support a 3,300-Pound Race Car? Week 8: How Do NASCAR Race Cars Come to a Stop After Moving at Speeds Over 200 MPH?