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U.S. Shuai Chiao Kung Fu Academy

Before/After school programs

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (216) 351-3222


Address: 4315 Ridge Rd, Brooklyn, Ohio 44144

Service Provider: 202061

Educational Value

We strive to build a community by helping people get in shape, be safe and at the same time instill the life skills and character of a true Martial Artist; while upholding important values like: courtesy, patience, respect, self-control, and integrity. U.S. Shuai Chiao Kung Fu Academy will also help students achieve self-discipline, higher self-esteem, a positive outlook, and a spirit of constant improvement and an attitude that refuses to give up. Our students learn concepts and receive coaching in focus, goal setting, self-discipline and confidence that help keep them on track. The best thing is that students receive incredible benefits in physical fitness and personal development while receiving the empowerment that comes through the self-defense training. Our classes focus a child's attention, thus improving his or her ability to learn. Learning builds a sense of accomplishment. With each new accomplishment a students self-confidence grown and confidence is the first step in the empowerment of an individual's physical and mental abilities. Once we being to develop a student's self-confidence, we are then able to instill the values of respect, courtesy, honesty, perseverance and integrity that are the foundations of Martial Arts.