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The federal funds used to operate this project are scheduled to expire later this year. As a result, all ACE funds must be used for allowable activities no later than July 1, 2024. (Dates of service must occur before July 1, 2024.)*

All claims requesting payment or reimbursement must be submitted to Merit for processing no later than July 15, 2024. Any funds that are not expended by July 1, 2024 will no longer be available. Claims submitted after July 15, 2024 will not be approved.

*Clarification for service dates/close down for camps: Claims for day camps that have been paid for by parents may be reimbursed if the service date occurs through September 1, 2024. The claim is only reimbursable for day camps during this time period if the parent has paid up front and prior to July 1, 2024.

Lorna Parks

Before/After school programs
Instrument lessons

This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (330) 495-2042


Address: 426 E Main Street, Dalton, Ohio 44618

Service Provider: 202065

Educational Value

The Voice Studio offers out customized options of singing lessons to all voice students. Students have the liberty to set up their own lessons based upon their needs and life situation. Voice lessons may be received by the student on a weekly or bimonthly schedule. Voice lessons are administered on an individual basis, where the student has their own private lesson time block accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Singing students are encouraged to study voice individually to gain a better understanding of their own vocal instrument. If students prefer to receive their singing lesson along side a sibling and or other family member they are more than welcome to do so based upon their needs and comfort levels. Voice lessons are extended out in the form of the following blocks of time and per dollar amount. An individual student's thirty minute lesson is received for fifteen dollars, while a shared student's thirty minute lesson, with family member of choice, is received for thirteen dollars. An individual student's forty five minute lesson is received for twenty two dollars, while a shared student's forty five minute lesson, with family member of choice, is received for twenty dollars. An individual student's sixty minute lesson is received for thirty dollars, while a shared student's sixty minute lesson, with family member of choice, is received for twenty eight dollars. Taking voice lessons is a great opportunity and personal responsibility. Much goes into the training and discovery of one's instrument. During a regular scheduled voice lesson many different aspects are discussed and applied. Aspects will at any given point include; singing stretches, posture and stance, diaphragmic breathing, bel canto techniques, vocal warm ups, performance etiquette and stage presence, tone and singing intonation, music theory, and a vast selection of vocal repertoire chosen by the student. As each voice lesson is specified to each specific singer, different lessons may look different in terms of; beginner level singers may just barely touch on necessary concepts while older more advanced students will be capable of understanding and applying much more advanced singing techniques. Even within the same age groups, individuals will have different goals and focuses due to their singing style, desires and interest of study. All singers are encouraged to choose their own solo song selections out of The Voice Studio's Repertoire Collection. Once a singer has thoroughly studied their solo, the singer is encouraged but not required to perform in front of a live audience. Some singers choose to put on small concerts for their family members or church communities while other singers choose to perform live in front of a vocal recital hosted by The Voice Studio. Some students are faithful singers and pupils, but never performers by their choice. All singers have the freedom to choose how they exercise their vocal education in their own choices and experiences. The Voice Studio's main purpose is to put the student at the center of all studies and performances, making the student shine and grow.