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Browse education service providers who have been approved to receive funds from Ohio ACE educational savings accounts.


The federal funds used to operate this project are scheduled to expire later this year. As a result, all ACE funds must be used for allowable activities no later than July 1, 2024. (Dates of service must occur before July 1, 2024.)*

All claims requesting payment or reimbursement must be submitted to Merit for processing no later than July 15, 2024. Any funds that are not expended by July 1, 2024 will no longer be available. Claims submitted after July 15, 2024 will not be approved.

*Clarification for service dates/close down for camps: Claims for day camps that have been paid for by parents may be reimbursed if the service date occurs through September 1, 2024. The claim is only reimbursable for day camps during this time period if the parent has paid up front and prior to July 1, 2024.

Julie Billiart School, Akron


This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Price Range: $1200 - $2100

Phone Number: (234) 206-0941


Address: 380 Mineola Ave., Akron, Ohio 44320

Service Provider: 202133

Educational Value

We are proud to serve students with mild to moderate autism, ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, executive function disorders, and other specific learning disabilities. Small Class Sizes Small class sizes with a 1:6 or 1:8 teacher-to-student ratio assure each student is receiving the necessary attention they need for academic, social, and emotional growth. The dynamics of having two intervention specialists in a classroom at a time provides students with an additional level of support and instruction. Licensed Intervention Specialists Julie Billiart Schools’ educators are licensed intervention specialists. All of our teaching staff have extensive classroom training and experience with students who have been diagnosed with mild to moderate autism, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and other specific learning disabilities. Our teachers often refer to their time at Julie Billiart Schools as a calling, not a career, which explains our high teacher retention rate. Our collaborative approach to special education pairs newer teachers with veteran educators so that innovative, creative solutions and techniques are combined with tried-and-true methods to help students reach their full potential. All staff members across the Julie Billiart network of schools are encouraged to participate in professional training and learning opportunities that develop and explore new skills. Individualized Learning Plans We understand that no two children learn the same way. The small class sizes and the high teacher-to-student ratio at Julie Billiart Schools allow our licensed intervention specialists to assess each student’s abilities, discover how they best learn and design an individualized learning plan that meets the child’s specific needs. We are able to execute, and often exceed, the recommendations on a child's IEP. Unique Learning Environment Our campuses feature one classroom for each grade level, along with an adjoining “resource” room for remedial and small group instruction. Our learning environments are specifically designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles and sensory issues. In both schools, you can expect to see: Classroom walls painted in calm, soothing colors Carpeted classrooms and hallways to reduce noise Natural and/or subdued lighting Flexible seating options that enable children to move about, expend energy to stay on task, and even work collaboratively with other students Onsite Therapists Julie Billiart Schools offer onsite art, music, occupational, and speech therapy. Licensed therapists work with one another and the teaching staff throughout the day to offer consistent strategies that best ensure each student is reaching their goals and developing new skills.