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Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, Inc.

Field Trips

This service provider requires payment upfront : Yes

Phone Number: (330) 836-5533


Address: 714 North Portage Path, Akron, Ohio 44303

Service Provider: 202162

Educational Value

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, the former home of F.A. Seiberling, co-founder of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, and his family, is dedicated to the preservation of American cultural heritage as reflected by the Seiberling Family, their former estate, and its history. Stan Hywet is proudly guided every day by a mission: To preserve and share our historic Estate and serve as a resource for educational, cultural, and recreational enrichment. It drives our telling of the Seiberling stories through education, public programs, exhibits, and tours, which are experienced by over 120,000+ visitors each year. Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens believes education is a lifelong pursuit and a defining crucial component of its mission. Stan Hywet is a prominent educational resource for children and their families serving thousands each year through collaborations with local and regional school systems and continuing education partners. Experienced staff and volunteers have skills and experience in both traditional classroom teaching and instruction, curriculum development, as well as non-traditional outdoor recreational, museum, and informal interpretation. On-site programs utilize the historic Manor House and 70-acre estate of F.A. Seiberling as a “learning lab” and take advantage of Stan Hywet’s unique archival collection and expert education, horticultural, and historic preservation staff to provide a variety of both facilitated and self-directed 21st-century learning opportunities.