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KLT Educational Services, LLC


This service provider requires payment upfront : No

Phone Number: (513) 780-1570


Address: 415 Glensprings Drive Suite 303, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246-2354

Service Provider: 202165

Educational Value

Our services are tailored to assist students struggling with academics. We provide one-on-one instruction. Our tutoring specializes in P-3rd grade, and we also work with students who need help in specific subjects. Due to Covid 19 and before, we recognized as educators that the foundational skills necessary for academic success are lacking in reading and math. We make intentional efforts to develop, build, and reteach foundational skills so that they have a stronger foundation. Tutoring programs that incorporate research-based elements produce improvements in reading achievement. In addition, tutoring can improve self-confidence about reading and motivation for reading. In the area of math, tutored students performed better than control students on computation, concepts, and word problems.